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2012 Housewarming, New Year and Birthday Party
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2012 Housewarming, New Year and Birthday Party

Jan 9th 2012, a great day for Mingnan Huitai. Three good news gathered in that day: Housewarming, New Year and Birthday Party.

The party opened the ceremony on 19:30, music and happiness surrounded. Audiences were led into it by the attracting prologue from the beautiful host and hostess.

13 members were selected in this hidden digital camerabirthday party, whose face was filled with joyfulness. All bless each other and the company in the lively birthday melody.


Ok, artist programs were on the way.

Black suit, black glasses and baseball cap, so cool! Exquisite step, Xiaocai was dancing with Bad Girl.hidden mini digital camera

Two beauties were acting a comic dialogue: Super market. Humorous acting Won Thunderous Applauses.

Wow, here, 5 sweet beauties were dancing: Honey. Do you find a Special beauty?

Dance :Huge for love, lovely girls express the rarity and happiness of love for you digital camera

So amazing,2 girls was acting Tai ji, so devoted and professional.

Three women a drama. This is the opusculum: happiness is coming. Wish happiness coming to every one of you in the new year.

Youthful and motional aerobics dancing is full of passion and strength. Youth can make miracles.

Funny opusculum rocked the party, can you hold it?

Moving love song: Way back into love. Warming and joyful.

Dramatic lottery draw part.

Chorus: Tomorrow will be better, the party was closed in the wishes. Wish every one will be happy in 2012.